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Producer and Distributor of Interactive Digital Constructs for Physical, Internet, Web, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

We specialize in interactive digital constructs and guides for advertising, communications, commerce, consumer retail, entertainment, information, news, mapping services and user produced content.

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Augmented Reality

Mobile Handheld Augmented Reality Viewer

Mixed Reality Viewer for Android and iOS
Digital Eyewear and Mobile Handheld Devices

Virtual Experiences

Agent Six(sm)
Massive Multi User Social Virtual Reality Experience
(Join Our Beta)

Baby's Got A Temper(sm)
It was a nice enough neighborhood till they moved in across the street
(Coming Soon)

Dismal Street Art Theme Park Simulation
Beta Test Bemusement(sm) for HTC VIVE

Black Sun(sm)
Beware of Cyber Ninjas and Artists
(Coming Soon)

Dawn of Evil(sm)
It all started at that damn Motel... Mayhem, Melee, Murder, Music, Mystery.
(Coming Soon)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang(sm)
A Virtual Reality Film Noir Crime Story
(Coming Soon)

Sci-Fi Galaxy(sm)
Streaming Sci-Fi Feature Films, Trailers and Music Video Virtual Reality Experience
Get Sci-Fi Galaxy Virtual Reality Experience for HTC VIVE at Viveport

Smart Arena(sm)
Space Station 9 HDR Preview
(Coming Soon)

The Four Seasons(sm)
Interactive Virtual Reality Audio Visual Experience
(Coming Soon)

The Walkabout(sm)
Hyper Realistic Virtual Exploration
Get The Walkabout(sm)for HTC VIVE at Viveport

An Underground Virtual Reality Experiment
(Coming Soon)

3D Visual Spatial Audio Virtual Experience
Purchase ZionDub(sm) The First Virtual Reality Album for HTC VIVE at Viveport

Web Destinations

On-line Toy Super Store

Animation On Demand(sm)
Animated short films and digital cartoons

Hacker's Dictionary(sm)
Old School Computer Dictionary

Illuminated Beauty(sm)
Anti Aging Beauty Bar and On-line Retailer

Pop Dreams(sm)
Digital Music Publishing

Entertainment Hub and Internet Guide

Sci-Fi Galaxy(sm)
On-line Sci-Fi Retailer

Smart Atlas(sm)
Internet World Fact Book

Smart Digital Television®
Smart Digital Television Operation System and Guide

Smart Hollywood(sm)
Hollywood Production Resources Directory

TVI13(sm) Digital Pop Up Shop
Ultra Mega Fly Cool Augmented Merchandise

Luxury Goods Guide

Streaming Internet Audio Experience

Live Events

Smart Arcade(sm)
The Augmented and Virtual Reality Arcade

Experimental Smart Augmented Reality Events
TVI13 Smart Augmented Reality Events in the NEWS!
"UploadVR: World's First AR Rave"

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